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Kamagra 30 Pills 100mg $121 - $4.03 Per pill
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burlesque & cabaret


Bella Besame produces burlesque & cabaret shows and also teaches burlesque.

When she isn’t running her highly acclaimed Burlesque and Cabaret shows across the country or hosting dazzling private burlesque parties, she’s teaching the art of the tease and helping ladies strut their stuff-whether it be for just for fun, a performance on stage or a performance in the bedroom!

Bella Besame currently runs burlesque classes across the country including Leeds, York and Manchester. She also runs one-off specialist burlesque workshops including tassel twirling, stocking removal and fan dancing to name but a few.

Bella Besame Burlesque
bella besame burlesque

Hen Parties

If you’re looking for a burlesque hen party, Bella has venues in every major city in the UK and is available to travel for your burlesque adventure!

The Slippery Belle


Never been to a burlesque & cabaret show? Looking for a fun and friendly night out? The Slippery Belle Burlesque and Cabaret is one of the UK’s best and longest running shows, bringing you the crème de la crème of burlesque stars and cabaret performers.

You can catch a burlesque show at The Lowry theatre (Salford Quays), Manchester 235 Casino (Manchester city centre), The Zoo (Manchester city centre), Ormskirk Civic Centre and Dewsbury Town Hall. If you are a bar/club owner, Bella is always on the lookout for new venues to host burlesque & cabaret nights so please get in touch

slippery belle burlesque cece-sinclair
Bella Besame


  • If you’re looking for a burlesque hen party, Bella has venues in every major city in the UK and is available to travel for your burlesque adventure! Since 2001, Bella has taught thousands of happy hens across the world and promises to have a package to suit your budget. You can also have burlesque packages to suit the theme of your hen party - previous themes include Moulin Rouge, Showgirls, Beyonce Goes Burlesque and Fabulous Feathers to name but a few! Such a fun and bonding way to celebrate my friend's hen do. Some of the girls were a little nervous about the activity but Bella made all the hens feel empowered and sexy - we all strutted out of there oozing confidence. Highly recommend her! x

  • Burlesque with Bella was amazing. A perfect hen do activity which, somehow, managed to be hilarious, silly AND a serious masterclass at the same time! Would definitely recommend. And you don't need to be a dancer to enjoy. Thanks again, it was a ball!

  • Thank you so much for yesterday, everyone loved how super fun and sexy you are! Just awesome!

  • Just amazing. I'm so glad we didn't go for the 'cheapo' option on other sites, Bella's class cost just £3 per person more and was seriously one of the best workshops any of us had ever done. She was just amazing and her experience (in her field) is unbeatable. We loved her!

  • We wanted classy, fun, playful and sexy. We got that and so much more in abundance! Couldn't be happier - Bella is a superstar!


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